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Nuthan Shankarappa

"I come from a small town in India and in my schooling and college days,  I never belonged to one group but had friends in all groups. I loved making new friends and was clear on breaking the norms and creating my life in terms of how I would like to create it.

I had good academic credits and found a job while studying, had travelled to the USA in the very first year of my career and married the person I loved against all odds and became a mother to a sweet little boy. So for the world, I had everything to have a good life.

However, normal and usual never excited me. I never could fit in. It was a challenge to meet the expectations of playing the role of a 'good' wife and daughter-in-law responsibilities. Slowly, over time love was dominated by arguments and fights and came to a point where I started going into depression. I was so upset that tears had become an all-time partner!  I couldn’t even recognize myself as I had turned from happy go lucky girl to moody. I kept wondering ‘Where did the person I loved go and where did I disappear?'

It felt as if my heart was torn into 1000 pieces.

I was in constant search to 'find back my joy’ and ‘to be the person I used to be and have the person I loved back’. I was always on a quest to know more about


'What is life?'

Why do people behave the way they do?

I had this knowing that life could be better and can be filled with ease, but didn’t know how to achieve it. In that search, I stumbled upon a lot of modalities, tried tapping, self-hypnosis, a bit of theta healing, sound healing, emotion code etc. and later found Access Consciousness™.

I just knew there was much more to what appears on the surface and to what really is causing the downs in my life I was experiencing.

I remember the day when I first heard about Access Consciousness™ in a telecall and started asking the universe to assist me in finding a facilitator to learn Access Bars, and in about 8 months I moved to Australia and got my Bars run for the first time. In just one day I could feel the heaviness had lifted and I started humming in joy after years and my eyes shined and my face looked so bright as if I had the best facial ever, my month-long cough had vanished.

It was nothing short of a miracle!

That was in Oct 2010 and from then on every year I kept building on my knowing and learning new tools and techniques to change areas of my life that didn’t work for me. It’s the energy we BE, that invites everything into our life, so I have gone from ‘divorcing myself to save marriage’ to creating the relationship that works for both my husband and me. Today every single area of my life has changed, transformed and has become greater than before.

How does it get any better than this?

For years I took it as my favourite hobby and was helping my friends and family when asked, but in the last few years, I knew it was time to take it to the world. So, what started as self-help 11 years ago, has now grown and has touched 100s of people assisting them in changing their lives.

I’m so grateful for these simple yet effective and pragmatic tools and techniques that are radical and have turned into a way of living and being.

It is now my vision to contribute in creating our world where 'People are empowered to know that they can create their life the way they desire; a world where Ease, Joy and Possibilities are not just wished but a choice of  living'


"Your choice for ‘Greater’ is what gives you the Joy of Living" – Gary Douglas

All of life comes to us with Ease and Joy and Glory!®

What contribution can I be in facilitating greater awareness and greater possibilities that can come with ease and joy that you have been asking for?

Come explore, what else is truly possible now?


 Keep Smiling :)


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