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These links are affiliate links to my favourite things in the world which have paved way to  so many possibilities in my world. I wonder what will these create for you? Enjoy!!!


This is like Universe!

Every single thing under the sun you can think of which you need more awareness on, which you are looking to change/transform there is information in there which you can choose!


Shannon is an amazing facilitator and creator of Talk to the Entities. Check out her products!


Where you will find incredible resources on clearing, communicating, co-operating and receiving from entities. It's definitely not what is talked about freely in the world!

Susanna Sticker joy.webp

Sussana Mittermaier is an amazing facilitator too and creator of Pragmatic Psychology. Check out her products!


    It is world of Mushrooms!

Mushrooms are these little wonders which helps us with lot of health benefits.


Use Discount Code 'EJP@123' to get your 10% off on your order

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